Length 30 min


Poetry Derrick C. Brown

Choreography, lights, set, costumes Martin Harriague

Music Nils Frahm

Performers Leipzig Ballet

Premiere Leipzig - march the 20th 2020



‘ If you were God, what would you create first?’ The piece answers the question by associating the dialogue of bodies to the words of poet Derrick C. Brown. The verbal and kinetic exchanges of the two protagonists work in tune with the texts by the American Beat writer some of whose lines have been created specially for this duo. They sketch out a new ideal world though it comes, much like ours, corroded with the bitter salt of human suffering. Hovering between humour and emotion, the couple passes from the lush Garden of Eden that harbours the two lovers to their serene accepting of separation. ‘ Love is yours, make the first move’! First created with an original text in English, if you were God has been entirely rearranged in a German translation as it entered the repertoire of the Leipzig Ballet.


* cf. brownpetry.com