Length 15 min

Choreography, lights, set Martin Harriague

Costumes Mieke Kockelkorn


Music P.I. Tchaikovski


Assistant Nadav Gal

Performers Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company


Premiere Suzanne Dellal Tel Aviv Israel - 5.06.2016


Production Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company



Awarded in April 2016 at the Biarritz Young Choreographers contest ( an award that earned Martin Harriague the chance to create for the Malandain Ballet

Biarritz a piece called Sirènes premièred in 2018.)

The myth of the Prince charming who can resuscitate Beauty carries with it all the fantasies and symbols that nurture the universal imaginary realm of the love encounter, both mundane and wonderful, unreal and expected. Yet who exactly is that Prince? A major figure in classical ballet, he is always represented in a single fashion, i e, as a dashing and tender young man who saves and weds the princess. Our dreams and desires have yet the power to conjure up other options. Amidst blurred gender and appearances, the physicality of bodies, deceptive and dashed hopes, the imperfect heroes of this piece challenge the codes of ballet aesthetics and set about a no-holds-barred debunking of the myth of the Prince Charming. 

When, for that matter, Tchaikovsky finished his score for Sleeping Beauty with the old song ‘ Long live Henry IV’, what type of prince did he have in mind? One delicate Adonis or the uncouth peasant king with a foul breath?