Length 40 min

Choreography, lights, set Martin Harriague

Costumes Mieke Kockelkorn


Music A. Vivaldi, A. Corelli, H. F. Raupach, F. D. Araia, Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein, Osso Exotico


Assistant F. Dubuc

Performers Malandain Ballet Biarritz


Premiere Victoria Eugenia San Sebastian - 5.04.2018


Production CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz



‘ I grew up by the ocean, fascinated as I gazed at the foam without being able to plumb its mysteries. What would I have sacrificed, what would I have learned if a dismal pact had given me access to the abysses? In this both familiar and imaginary ocean, mermaids and humans play out their destiny. I see the world of mermaids as dark, bewitching and scary as the ocean’s depths that I have had the chance to marvel at several times in Australia and Indonesia as well as its hydrae swaying between light and dark. Yet, among those multiple temptations, one day the dream creature emerges, unique and fit to make man a prince. Deprived of her clear voice and fins by a witch hankering after her choicest possessions, the faltering mermaid, turned both lover and muse, will learn other ways to unveil her soul and celebrate her happiness. It is said that the creativity of earthlings knows no bounds …’ Martin Harriague.


Informed by the changing traits of legendary mermaids, this both earnest and droll choreographic odyssey piles on the myths and twists them in order to address themes that are both personal and universal. Starting with that of the threatening and threatened ocean with which Martin Harriague has been physically and emotionally connected since childhood. But it also deals with the future of mankind led, by the bewitching songs of progress, into ventures man hardly masters. The shipwreck is waiting to happen under his very eyes on a tumultuous sea threatening Ulysses and his men. Akin to the exalted dance of La Folia, the tempestuous storm will reveal a world in between brought to us by the ambiguous mermaids, both resplendent and capricious, ingenuous or cruel.