Length 20 min​

Choreography Martin Harriague

Costumes Mieke Kockelkorn

Music Decker Moss + Martin Harriague


Performers Project Sally


Co-production Project Sally, FashionClash & ViaZuid



Choreographed to the voice of Decker Moss holding forth at a Ted conference in Columbus University, Spectrum was created for the FashionClash festival in 2015 in collaboration with the Sally project and costume-designer Mieke Kockelkorn. She came up with pink leotards studded with protruding geometrical shapes that both distort and draw attention to the bodies of both performers. Thus does Martin Harriague address in an offbeat and poetic manner the issues related to the body, sexuality, gender and differences between men and women while embodying the poignant testimony of the speaker about his sex change. And where do you stand in front of this mirror, the choreographer concludes?