1911 321 walls.jpg
Blanca razquin
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length 35 min​

Choreography, lights, set, costumes Martin Harriague

Music Bach, Verdi, Yemen Blues

Dancers Dantzaz


Premiere 15.02.2020


Co-production Malandain Ballet Biarritz



Even if we have just celebrated the 30th anniversary of Berlin Wall fall, walls are still being built everywhere in the world. Martin Harriague knows something about it, he has just spent 5 years in Israel and observes the contagion. By portraying the obsession of a thundering baroque president, Harriague returns here to one of the themes tackled in America, a piece he created for the Leipzig ballet in spring 2019. But it is futile to isolate oneself, physically or symbolically, behind a wall: the wall of Martin Harriague is moving, tottering, fragile; the wall is pediment, shelter, play space; the wall exalts the thirst for freedom.